Oracle Knights
Leader & Oracle Knight

Psychic Warrior, Real Life Superheroes, like the Jedi in Star Wars. Similar to the First Earth Battalion, "Project Jedi", Warrior Monks.

The Oracle Knights are Real Life Superheroes trained by Tothian, to learn the ways of the psychic warrior, the arts of war and peace, warrior codes, leadership skills, heroism and superheroism martial arts/self-defense/fighting skills, military tactics and strategies, psychic abilities, using chi and ki energy, and mentalism.

The function is to basically become a real life version of a Jedi, although emphasizing a belief in God, instead of the Force, and use these abilities to prevent accidents and other tragedies beforehand, as well as find missing people, and those who pose a threat to society.

Not all psychics can always use their psychic abilities to know everything, contrary to some foolish but popular belief. Just because this isn't used to win the lottery doesn't ignore the fact that sometimes the abilities can help.

For the times the abilities do not work, other knowledge, skills, and abilities are also taught.

This is not a group with leadership structure, as much as teaching and training these psychic warriors to act on their own knowledge and intuition to perform heroic or superheroic duties.

It's also expected but not required, that if possible, these Oracle Knights train others who will eventually train others, and so on.