Producer, Creative Consultant & Main Character

Tothian Destroys Evil is an online cartoon TV series about Tothian and other Real life Superheroes on a mission to save the world from evil!

  • Tothian Destroys Evil is an online cartoon TV Series starring Tothian the warrior born on a mission to destroy evil. It also includes other real life Superheroes as they embark on missions to fight evildoers and save the world.

Season 1 is produced by another real life superhero named Ecliptico. Tothian offers some ideas as a creative consultant.

In Season 1 there are a few Supervillains made up specifically for this tv series. You'll also see zombies. Tothian meets up with other real life superheroes based on real people to find a supervillain who sets out to unleash his evil plans on their city.

 Season 2 will feature Tothian's sidekick Galvis, and his Company Gunnery Sergeant from the Marines nicknamed Chocolate Thunder who takes on a similar Nick Fury type role. It will also includes travel through time and space.