Hello. My name is Tothian. I'm a Marine Corps Veteran, Real Life Superhero, and Political Strategist.

I have this website to put all kinds of interesting info, and also a way to contact me.

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Let's save the world from evil!

Hello. My name is Tothian, and I destroy evil. I was born on a mission to protect others and save the world from evil. I have known my mission from an early age. In my life, I've studied subjects including but not limited to the ways of the Warrior, Ninja, Samurai, Hero/Superhero, and even of the Jedi - in real life, from an early age.

At 16, graduated from a military school known as the New Jersey National Guard ChalleNGe Youth Program. At 17, I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, as an Infantry Machine Gunner. I served for 5 years until 2007, then individual ready reserves until 2010.

Some other areas I have some knowledge or experience in is martial arts, criminology, psychic abilities, philosophy and ethics, military tactics and strategies, leadership, politics, political history, international affairs, national security, and anti-terrorism.

After years of searching the internet for others like me, I found other real life Superheroes on the internet in 2006, many of which I've gotten to meet and work with in real life. In February, 2007, after months of planning, I created the Heroes Network as my way of helping the real life superheroes to network with those they needed to work with in order to achieve their goals. In 2016, I also created a semi-secretive group known as the Oracle Knights, which is a group of psychic warrior real life superheroes.

I'm here to do my part to help those in need. And if I can't help someone myself, I'm usually really good at helping find exactly the right people who can help.

My war is against evil.
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