Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tothian, and I destroy evil! I'm a Warrior, Marine Veteran, President & Founder of the Heroes Network. Deplorable. Republican Strategist. Real Life Superhero. This website is a place with all kinds of interesting info about me and the real life superhero groups I created. Also a way to contact me. If anyone needs to contact me, there are links to my social media profiles on the top right side. Or click Contact button below.


Hello. My name is Tothian, and I destroy evil. I was born on a mission to save the world from evil. I have known my mission from an early age. I've studied the ways of the Warrior, Superhero, and of the Jedi - in real life, from an early age.

At 16, graduated from a military school known as the New Jersey National Guard ChalleNGe Youth Program. At 17, I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, as an Infantry Machine Gunner. I served for 5 years until 2007, then inactive reserves until 2010.

Some other areas I have some knowledge or experience in is criminology, psychic abilities, martial arts, philosophy, strategy, tactics, leadership, and politics.

After years of searching the internet for others like me, I found other real life Superheroes on the internet in 2006, many of which I've gotten to meet and work with in real life. In February, 2007, after months of planning, I created the Heroes Network as my way of helping the real life superheroes to network with those they needed to work with in order to achieve their goals. In 2016, I also created a group known as the Oracle Knights, which is a group of psychic warrior real life superheroes.

I'm here to do my part to help those in need. And if I can't help someone myself, I'm usually really good at helping find exactly the right people who can help.

My war is against evil.