Real Life Superhero Community

There are a lot of misconceptions about what the Real Life Superhero Community is about. There are a lot of people who claim the title of Real Life Superhero, but not everyone who claims the title is actually a real Superhero.

Generally speaking, there is a big political, religious, and ideological divide within the community of people who claim to be Real Life Superheroes. We don't all have to agree with each other on everything, and since nobody is paying anyone to do this, nobody has to take orders from anyone. But in having like minded people come together for a common cause, at some point a line must be drawn between good and evil, or else everyone could claim to be a superhero, and therefore nobody would be that. The good and genuine people in this community mostly fall into a Christian conservative leaning ideology. We oppose Satanism and also the globalist New World Order agenda. We don't necessarily consider ourselves conspiracy theorists, but we do look into all things and form our own opinions.

We recognize the main duties of a Real Life Superhero involve defending what is morally right, not just legally right. We look to keep people safe, not by defending authoritarian laws that only enable criminals, but rather defend people's freedom to defend themselves and others. We look to keep people safe, and fight those who do evil.

Instead of emphasizing superpowers as they do in fiction, many of us specialize in our own unique individual areas of knowledge and skills sets so that we can use them to help us with our superheroic goals and missions.